Monday, 1 October 2012

Allwinner a13 4.0 firmware And Installation

Hey Guys..
               Lots Of People Have Been Asking Me About Firmwares Of The Allwinner A13 Tablet, Even I've Searched For It On Google But It's Quite Hard To Find, But I Finally Found it,
Click On The Following Link To Download It

Download it And Install It On Your Device
Follow The Instructuions To Install It.

1. Download And Install Live Suit, You Can Donwload It From Here
2. Open Live Suit
3. Select The Image You Downloaded From The Link
4. With Your Tablet Power Off Hold Volume Up Do Not Release The Volum Up And Insert Usb Cable Into The Tablet.
5. Livesuit Will Detect The Tablet And Ask You What To Do.
6. Follow The Instructions And You're Done.

Enjoy Guyz, And Comment Your Views, Problems Or Questions.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

How To Download Games For Free

Those People Who Wants To Download Games For Free, Here Is The Way To Download It. You Can Download Free Games From Torrents, Yes There Area All Of The Games Available On Torrents Like Skyrim, Assassin' Creed, COD MW3, Need For Speed Run, Max Payne And eachelse. You Can Download All Of Them For Free From Torrent, To Learn How To Download From Torrent Check Out My Previous Post How To Download From Torrent. And You Can Download All Games For Free. Enjoy.